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All businesses have problems, We at CG&Emate find solutions: Brand Strategy, Marketing, Social Media & Streaming, Computer Custom Builds, Graphic Design Services & Animation. We have developed pipelines that can handle your projects from inception to final export. Let's do business.

Alyssa Quinones

"CG&Emate artists are some of the most talented, versatile artists I've ever met. They have worked with me in our business, and with several others that I know, and I will personally vouch for the quality and thoughtfulness of their work! .” 

Christian Leach

"BIG SHOUT OUT to CG&EMate, Professionals in everything they do, whether script creation, voice overs, animation, whiteboard, graphic design and logo creation, website, book cover, flier, and so much more. Plus their customer service is impeccable. I have personally used them for my own business needs and think they are the best. Check out their website and all they have to offer. They also have a fantastic ministry with Puppetry that is very engaging, wholesome and fun using many of their talents. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed."

Vashti A Williams

Vashtiawilliams-Client Review

"CGE Mate is a capable and competent graphic design and animation company. The owner is very talented and skilled   He ensures that your design request is of a high quality and according to your unique personal brand. I have had the privilege of being a client and my experience has been a very positive and satisfactory  one.  I highly recommend GCE Mate for your graphics designs and animation."

Brand Strategy

Graphic Design

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